Virtual Payments

Our virtual payments offer modern customer-facing services for the reimagined parking hubs of tomorrow – suitable for almost every sector, and accessible from anywhere – alleviating stress and optimising available parking amidst rising car volumes.

Leveraging ANPR technology, cloud-based pre-pay platforms and a steady move towards becoming a cashless society, today’s parking does not require physical payment or ticketing of any kind. These advances in technology enable a range of opportunities for car park managers to streamline their operations while providing the most positive parking experience possible through truly free-flow solutions.

Man checking out on his iphone
Man checking out on his iphone

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Virtual Payment Options

Providing a range of flexible virtual options enables you to cater to a variety of guests and their specific requirements.

Pre-book, pre-pay

By using ANPR occupancy data, we can ascertain when and where parking space within your estate goes unused, which can then be offered to motorists looking for parking nearby – not only generating a new margin-rich revenue stream for your business from an unused capital asset but making life easier for your community.

  • Perfect for town centres or sites near sports facilities, hospitals, country parks or busy offices
  • Attracts new audiences, increased footfall
  • Ability to book hourly, daily or monthly and extend stays
  • Create a margin rich revenue stream for your business
  • Dynamic pricing ensures you get the best rate for your space
  • Zero admin or advertising required
  • Set-up in as little as 5 days

Autopay: good2go

Our revolutionary pay-as-you-park facility drives loyalty for landowners and offers drivers a unique, utterly seamless ‘auto-billing’ parking solution. Designed to eradicate parking-related stress, with auto-pay your visitors can forget about scrabbling to find change or locate a payment machine, no need to enter vehicle/payment details every time they park or guess how long you’ll stay – your users just drive in, stay as long as they need and leave. It really couldn’t be simpler.

  • Invisible parking, entirely frictionless
  • Fantastic parking experience
  • SMS on exit to confirm payment deducted
  • Ensures 100% payment compliance
  • Ideal for all users, especially disabled drivers
  • Free service
  • Creates loyalty

PayByPhone (semi-virtualised)

Although fewer people are carrying cash, we’re rarely without our mobile phones – which makes PayByPhone such a useful system. Users simply find a space, and then, using the unique location number for that specific car park (usually found on a nearby kiosk or sign), pay using the app, website or over the phone.

  • Facility most drivers are familiar with
  • Ability to extend stay
  • A great supplement to enforcement
  • Good option if users aren’t fully comfortable with fully virtualised payments
  • SMS on exit to confirm payment deducted
  • Ensures 100% payment compliance

See how we can make your car park management easy

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