How to make more of your empty parking spaces

Businesses have busy periods and moments when they are quieter. This is reflected in the car park.

Empty spaces on a car park are not necessarily a bad thing, as those spaces represent an opportunity to add to your site in ways that can entice new visitors and give your business a boost in revenue.

But where do you start?

An empty car park, with lined spaces
An empty car park, with lined spaces

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How many spaces do you have?

Making more of the empty spaces on your site starts with working out the amount of unused space you have.

Calculating the available space is easily done through ANPR data. Capacity and occupancy data, available in easy reports via our ParkIQ software, enables you to you to identify how much free space is on your site and chart when that space is not in use. ANPR data feeds into ParkIQ, helping you to analyse trends on your car park, identifying when your car park is at its busiest and when you have additional space available.

Offer spaces for pre-booking

Once you have a clear picture of the available space on your car park, you can start leveraging it to your advantage.

Pre-booking lets you take unused space on your car park and advertise it to motorists looking for somewhere to park in your area. It is a simple process where available bays are listed online; motorists can find, book, and pay for parking in advance.

Pre-booking allows you to drive additional visitors to your car park, boosting revenue through paid parking whilst also increasing footfall and potential sales. The entire system is scalable, so on quieter days, you can list more spaces than you would on busier ones, allowing you to maintain a steady stream of visitors to your site and access a new revenue stream without negatively impacting the other motorists using your car park.

Provide the spaces your customers want

Another way to leverage unused space is to consider what those spaces could be used for.

For example, delving into your ANPR data once again, it is possible to analyse the fuel types of vehicles using your car park. Analysis of that data could reveal an increase in the number of electric vehicles visiting your site. Converting some of your existing parking spaces into dedicated EV charging bays allows you to provide motorists with a new service, add to the UK’s growing EV infrastructure and allows your car park to create another revenue stream for your business.

Similar to pre-booking, providing a new service such as EV charging can drive increased footfall to your business, lifting revenue and boosting sales. What it can also do is build a sense of loyalty. If your car park is the only one in the area that currently offers EV charging and your chargers are functional and reliable then your site becomes a destination for people looking to top up their battery on a journey.

Helping you to transform your car park

Empty space is an opportunity to add to a car park, introducing new services that can drive visits and boost revenue. Your car park generates important data and insight that can help you to understand the potential your site has and the ways you can tap into it.

ParkIQ is our new data and insight software that allows your business to delve into the wealth of information ANPR captures. Through bespoke reporting and a fully customisable experience, we can help you understand your car park in new ways.

That level of insight ties directly into the way we work alongside you and your business to help you understand the opportunities available in your car park. Whether that is turning unused space into a genuine asset, one that can draw in new visitors, encouraging return visits and allows your business to access previously untapped revenue sources. Or helping you to gauge demand or track shifting user requirements to help you identify the best services to invest in for the future, our levels of insight and experience can help.

To find out more about how we can help you to transform your car park, get in touch using the form