How is your car park tackling the rise in electric vehicles?

For electric vehicles to become the norm a huge infrastructure needs to be created, not just in big cities and service stations, but across the country.

To make the move away from petrol and diesel an effective one everyone needs to get involved, which means your car park could be a perfect location to help.

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Do you need EV charging bays?

In 2030 the UK plans to stop selling new petrol and diesel cars. Between now and then, it is predicted that there will be a steady rise in the number of electric vehicles on the roads. Recharging a car takes longer than filling up a fuel tank, so drivers need to be able to leave their car for a while. This makes car parks the perfect place to install EV charging stations and can provide several benefits to your site, including:

  • Building loyalty by providing a destination for charging
  • Attracting new customers and increasing footfall and dwell-time. The extra time for charging creates new opportunities to generate sales
  • Providing attractive options for recruitment, from environmental commitments to providing workplace charging as an employee benefit
  • Supporting existing staff who may have made the switch to EV, if your teams are back in the office, providing EV charging can help to show you’re supporting that return and their needs
  • Supporting net-zero targets and green credentials

By adding electric chargers to your car park, you make it, so your visitors simply arrive at a destination, plug-in, and carry on with their day. This helps make your car park a destination for those looking to charge, which can have a positive impact on your site.

Understanding fuel types

While the idea behind electric charging is driven by environmental concerns the idea of investing in new technology for a car park can be daunting.

One way to ease concerns and steer your site in the right direction is to look at the data. If you have ANPR cameras on your car park, it’s possible to analyse the fuel types of the vehicles using your site. If there are no electric vehicles currently using your site, this could be an opportunity to invest and attract new visitors, or you can choose to wait and monitor its usage to see if there is a change over time.

By monitoring fuel types, you can chart the changes in vehicles using your car park and provide your business with insight into its usage, allowing you to make smarter investments in your parking solutions.

If you decide to invest in electric vehicle charging, understanding the demand for it on your site using fuel analysis data can be a fantastic way to identify how many chargers you need to meet the requirements of your car park.

Protecting your charging bays

Installing charging bays is one of the first steps in getting ready for the increase of EVs. The next step is to make sure you are taking the correct measures to protect them, removing any abuse that may occur preventing genuine drivers of electric vehicles from parking and recharging.

The EV charging bays you have on your car park are there for a specific purpose and motorists will seek them out when they need to recharge. If those bays are occupied by unauthorised users they become a hindrance, leading to congestion on your car park, complaints, and frustrated customers who have their experience of your business damaged.

By protecting your charging bays, you’re able to deter abuse. Using our unique chargers that incorporate ANPR you can ensure that your bays are protected and increase their availability which means greater convenience for visitors who need them and fewer complaints for your staff.


Why is it better to invest now?

It is predicted that there will be 9 million more electric vehicles on British roads by 2030., For that large of an increase in electric cars to be effective, there needs to be adequate infrastructure in place.

By getting ahead of the curve and supplying EV charging stations on your site, you will be helping to meet what will be a growing customer need, enabling you to turn your car park into a destination for motorists. For many businesses this can equate to additional footfall, repeat visits, a growing customer base and increased revenue. These are benefits that are only going to increase as more people make the change in the vehicle they drive.

How can we help you prepare for the future of your car park?

ParkEV is designed to help businesses easily adapt their carpark to help support EV charging. From our patented charging bays, which includes ANPR technology to help protect your spaces, to a monitoring bollard that enables you to add enforcement to any existing charging investment. We’re dedicated to ensuring the infrastructure in place is fit for purpose.

To find out more about how we can help your business transform the services you offer to customers and build toward more sustainable forms of transport, fill in the form…