Do you need parking permits?

Your car park might need to accommodate different user types and requirements. Without the right system in place juggling the needs of staff and customers can be tricky.

Depending on your business, its scale, and the sector you work in, you might assume that something like a parking permit won’t have the impact you expect.

But the benefits of parking permits on your site might be something you can’t afford to ignore.

busy car park
busy car park

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How do parking permits transform a car park?

Permits give you a greater level of control over who can use your car parks, they also let you create a clear distinction between parking for different groups.

For example, in a healthcare setting your car park might be pay and display for visitors and people coming for appointments, but your staff, due to needing to be on-site more frequently, can use parking permits to manage their parking long-term.

You might also offer a parking permit as a staff perk, or as part of a membership. For example, gym-goers might have access to free parking through a permit as a perk of being a member of a specific tier, or staff have a permit to park in specific areas with parking charges being issued to anyone else who does, keeping the area free for those who are supposed to use it.

Generating revenue through parking permits

ANPR data can help you to establish how much capacity your car park has spare, while historically this was useful for solutions like pre-booking (and remains the case) you can also use parking permits to generate extra revenue from the unused spaces on your car park.

For example, if your site is in an industrial park, you might have a pre-determined number of spaces for your parking, but you have greater capacity than you consistently fill. Those extra spaces can be assigned to parking permits which you could then sell to businesses in the area that need additional parking.

This allows you to monetise those surplus spaces on your car park, transforming space that would have otherwise likely gone unused, or even worse been abused, into beneficial parking for you and other motorists in the area.


Encouraging greener travel through your parking permits

Permits can be used to promote greener ways of travelling. For example, you can assign permits based on vehicle emissions, giving preferential parking to those doing their part for the environment, or, you can use them to take cars off the road altogether.

That might sound counterintuitive, but we have created a permit system that allows for car sharing.

The two-part system verifies drivers and passengers, providing a parking permit for people travelling together. This can support your site in multiple ways.

  • You save space on your car park by removing additional cars from it
  • Removes emissions and improves air quality
  • Increasing access for other staff and customers
  • Eliminates traffic and reduces on-site congestion

Taking steps like this is a simple and easily managed way to help move towards any environmental goals you might have as a business. Whether that’s a pursuit of net zero or working towards just being more environmentally conscious, promoting a service like car sharing could help.

How can we help you take control of your car park?

Juggling multiple user types is only one of the elements of effectively managing a car park. At Parkingeye we understand that no two sites are the same and need different blends of solutions to make sure a car park reaches its true potential.

This is why we work with you, taking the time to understand the issues your car park faces before putting the solutions in place to help that car park thrive.

If you would like to learn more about Parkingeye and how we can help you to get more from your parking, get in touch using our contact form.