Car Park Barriers

Whether you are looking for traditional barriers or blended barriers, let ParkingEye advise you on your best option for your site…


Your options for Car Park Barrier Systems

Traditional Barriers

For many landowners, barriers are probably still the first thing which springs to mind when considering how to control access to your site. However, the traditional barrier has long-since been superseded by new technologies such as ANPR and virtualised permits due to often-problematic maintenance long-term.

Any landowner wrestling with temperamental hardware, customer complaints, outdated maintenance contracts and unsupported spare parts will be aware of the time drain to manage.

If you’ve recently invested heavily in a new barrier solution, you’ll need to make sure that staff on site can maintain and repair them correctly, or you may have to factor in the cost of a maintenance contract.

If you are looking to put enforcement in place, this is still an option but combining with a manned or self-ticketing solution would be advisable, especially for proximity barriers rather than pay-on-exit.

Conversely, some landowners may opt for a physical barrier if access control, anti-terrorism measures and security is critical for their sites – common on land such as distribution hubs and businesses in the pharmaceutical sector.

Either way, if you need to have a barrier, why not consider the best of both worlds with an ANPR-blended barrier solution…

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Blended Barriers

A blended barrier solution involves adding ANPR to an existing barrier solution and is useful where you need to extend the lifespan of your capital investment but benefit from ANPR automation. Essentially, cameras capture registration numbers of all vehicles entering and exiting while the barrier grants access. This can dramatically reduce car park abuse while preserving 24/7 operational capacity, as well as providing a visual deterrent against misuse.

A blended solution can reduce waiting time busy car parks, whilst still offering the added security of a barrier for sites where strict vehicle management needs to be maintained around the clock. It is especially suited to secure units, or where access entry to a corporate building car park is carefully monitored, controlled and allocated only to certain people.

However, ANPR-only is often preferred and in most cases ParkingEye will recommend installing a “free-flow” barrier-less solution as a way of increasing traffic throughput and minimising operational hassle. A large site (a hospital, for example) could expect to take monthly traffic from 200k to 250k cars per month by going for a free-flow solution enabled by ANPR-only (Read our case study on the work we did for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust).

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