Car Park Management Using Barriers

There is another way to manage your car parks that removes the cost


Barrier systems

Whether you already have barriers on site or are considering them as an option you may find that they carry a large expense for installation, operation and maintenance.

Barriers are also a clear invitation for abuse and none payment when broken, as motorists know that this is the only thing ensuring they abide by the rules on site. In the eyes of motorists, if the barriers are up, the rules do not apply.

Many of our clients at initial contact stage believed that barrier systems were the answer to the issues in their car parks, however after discussing the pros and cons with our team they quickly realised that an ANPR solution, whether blended or stand alone, could get them the results they needed, without the massive expense.

Our ANPR systems are clever and integrated and run 24/7, 365 days a year if you want them to

We have found that on most sites, as soon as a barrier breaks the solution stops working, requires attention from someone on site and people start to take advantage until it is fixed. Barriers can also cause a large amount of congestion, not only in your car park but in the surrounding areas and in some cases this can cause problems with the council.

ANPR linked barriers

Although we usually find the negatives of having barriers outweigh the positives, they can be the best solution in some car parks. In these cases we are happy to discuss our ANPR linked barrier solutions with clients.

Before committing to barriers, do let us discuss with you a no-obligation solution that should overcome your issues without the cost, inconvenience and revenue-losing potential of barrier systems. Contact us today to speak to a member of the telesales team who can arrange for a chat with one of our commercial managers.


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