Car Park Management Using Barriers

There is another way to manage your car parks that removes the cost


Car Park Management Barriers

Thinking about installing barriers on site? There are other ways to manage your car parks with lower costs and improved service

Whether you’re considering barriers on site or already have them, it’s worth noting that they carry a large expense and provide a clear invitation for abuse and non-payment when not fully operational.
Many of our clients at the initial contact stage believed barrier systems were the answer to the issues in their car parks, which isn’t necessarily the case. An ANPR solution, whether blended or standalone, could get them the results they need, minus the hefty price tag.

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Our ANPR systems are clever, integrated and run 24/7, 365 days a year. Before committing to barriers, why not get in touch for a no-obligation solution that should overcome your issues without the cost, inconvenience and revenue-losing potential of barrier systems?

Contact us today to speak to a member of our team who can advise on the best solution for your car park.

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