Automatic Number Plate Recognition

24/7 management of your car parks

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

ParkingEye is the market leading provider of ANPR parking systems for private land, utilising the latest in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to provide a reliable and effective automatic parking management solution.

Our solution comprises of ANPR Cameras, image processing servers, wireless communication devices and connectivity technologies such as ADSL and 3G.

The ParkingEye systems have been specifically developed for scalability, resiliency and flexibility. Integrating the hardware, infrastructure and application design into a single process has allowed us to produce a solution that is resilient against individual hardware failure and can be scaled-out as necessary.

ANPR parking systems

Using a fully-virtualised environment across three data centres ensures system availability and protects against unforeseen events, as well as allowing us to proactively manage maintenance and upgrades without affecting the performance or availability of the systems.

Our core application is run active-active across two data centres, each with high-availability mirrored internet links with secure private circuits, ensuring that the two locations provide a single, seamless environment for our application. All data is stored real-time in two locations ensuring that should an unexpected event occur that data is protected and normal business can continue without interruption.

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ParkingEye’s ANPR solution is available 24/7, 365 days a year

To ensure that any downtime is minimised, all on-site equipment is pro-actively monitored, including a remote diagnostics capability, and any remedial action required is scheduled immediately. Our internal automated network and application monitoring systems constantly check over 2,000 areas of our system, providing real-time alerting of every aspect of the platform. This is supplemented by external third party monitoring with failover and alerting should a major event occur.


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