Managing, Monitoring & Reporting Car Park Usage

ParkingEye's car park monitoring system can help

Control, monitor & report on your site with fully integrated parking management software

The challenge of understanding customer behaviour is one that most organisations face. Part of that challenge is the issue of identifying accurate, uptodate sources of information which give you sufficient coverage of your customer base. This is just one of the areas in which ParkingEye’s solutions can provide significant value to our clients.

Customer data analytics

Our systems capture an enormous amount of insightful data on parking activity, from which our clients can derive huge amounts of customer behavioural insight. Find out more about our data analytics capabilities here

Permit management

ParkingEye’s central systems work with both our ANPR cameras and our devices for manual ticketing. This means that, through whatever means of car park monitoring our clients choose to deploy, we can help you to manage the allocation of spaces to permit holders and can enable you to take action on those that abuse your spaces.

Our permit management software adds an extra degree of sophistication to this management. By automating much of the administration involved in the management of permits it can provide dramatic efficiencies to organisations which offer large volumes of staff parking permits. Find out more about permit management software here

Remote monitoring

All this data and monitoring capability has another important benefit to our clients. Because our systems are remotely monitored 24/7, you can have confidence in their reliability and in our ability to fix any issues before they impact on your business.

Find out more about our remote monitoring capabilities here

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