Traffic Congestion

ParkingEye can help you achieve a free-flow environment on site


Minimising your impact on local traffic & enabling a free-flow through your car park

The way your car park works, the way motorists navigate it and the layout of your parking spaces, can have dramatic impact both on traffic on site and on the surrounding neighbourhood. For many of our clients this causes significant problems, which can include:

  • Pressure from local authorities to manage the impact on local roads
  • Loss of business as potential customers avoid your site and the area
  • Patients being late for appointments
  • Huge impacts on patient/visitor/customer stress levels and resulting drop in satisfaction
  • Ultimately, a dramatic deterioration of the customer experience

The causes for these issues can range from simply insufficient parking spaces, to faulty equipment or even poorly designed and managed car parks. However, whatever the cause, ParkingEye can help by working with you to determine the optimum balance between traffic communication, optimal free-flow design and infrastructure and management and enforcement of abuse.


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