Car Park Security

Improving safety & security on your site

The importance of secure parking

BPA research shows that, after location, security is the main concern when considering choices of car parks.
If you’re a retailer, imagine the impact this has on your footfall.

Whilst the cost of parking is clearly important, if your visitor numbers are down because your car park is considered to be unsafe or there’s a safer, more secure car park round the corner, no amount of price adjustment will have the required impact.

What’s more, consider the impact on your customer’s experience. It’s often said that the customer’s on-site experience begins when they drive up to the car park.

If your hotel, pub or restaurant car park feels unsafe, your customers may never return, so car park security needs to be a priority for all business owners.

ParkMark confirms secure parking solutions on site

The ParkMark badge is a symbol of safe and secure parking across the UK and ParkingEye is experienced in working with our clients to achieve ParkMark status for their car parks. Only sites that are judged to be sufficiently safe and secure, and that meet strict operational standards can achieve the Police backed accreditation of ParkMark.

Achieving this involves a police assessment of all aspects of the site, including lighting, accessibility, lines of sight and the presence of crime prevention and detection technology, such as cameras.

Indeed, in our experience, just the mere presence of ANPR cameras will in itself make a significant improvement to any site suffering crime or safety concerns.

Secure car parks are desired by your customers and staff alike

ParkingEye can help you achieve a higher level of security and control of who parks on your site with our free solutions. Get in touch today to find out more.


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