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Car Park Issue Resolution

Could you be earning more revenue from your car park?

Do your paying customers struggle to find a parking space due to unauthorised parking?

Is your existing car park management provider inflexible or providing you with poor service?

The misuse of your car park can have a sizable impact on your business. And when these issues go unchecked, it can deter genuine customers from using your facilities, reducing your overall parking revenue in the process.

By putting effective car park management in place, you’re not only ensuring better functionality for its intended use, but you’ll also improve the experience for your frequent customers.

Through working with us, we’ll help you to:

• Maximise the revenue-earning potential of your car park, through better, more innovative payment channels
• Deter abuse from non-customers
• Put in place schemes and management that enable your car park to work as it should for your genuine customers, members, guests or patients

man driving into a car park triggering car park issue resolution

Minimising traffic and enabling free-flow

The layout, design and management of your car park can potentially affect both traffic on site and the surrounding area. Improper management of your facilities can pose significant problems for your customers, including:

• Pressure from local authorities to manage the impact on local roads
• Loss of business as potential customers avoid your site and the area
• Patients being late for appointments
• Ultimately, a dramatic deterioration of the customer experience

Whatever the cause, our flexible, responsive and simple methods help determine the optimum balance between traffic communication, optimal free-flow design and infrastructure, as well as effective enforcement of abuse.

car park security camera

The importance of secure parking

BPA research shows that, after location, security is the main concern when considering choices of car parks. If you’re a retailer, the significance an unsafe facility has on your footfall can’t be overstated – and no amount of price adjustment will convince customers otherwise.

The customer’s on-site experience begins the moment they enter a car park. If your hotel, pub or restaurant car park feels unsafe, your customers may never return; car park security needs to be a priority for all business owners.

ParkMark confirms secure parking solutions on site

As a car park owner, your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. With that in mind, we would be happy to work alongside our clients to achieve ParkMark status on their site. ParkMark is a symbol of safe and secure parking in the UK. This is strengthened by police assessments of all the site’s aspects, no part of your car park goes unchecked – from lighting, accessibility and lines of sight to the presence of crime prevention and detection technology.

In our experience, even the mere presence of ANPR cameras has the ability to make a significant improvement to any site suffering crime or safety concerns.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher level of security and control, contact us today with your issues and we’ll propose a no-obligation solution to help you resolve them.

For more information about how ParkingEye could help you get more from your car park, please contact us today.