Short and long-term contract parking

Car parking spaces are a valuable commodity. In most towns and cities across the country, motorists drive around every day looking for a convenient space to leave their vehicles, causing congestion and pollution. Most of our clients experience available spaces in their car parks at certain times of the day as well as periods of the year where their car parks are quieter than normal.

  • Office car parks usually have availability from 6pm – 6am
  • Religious car parks usually have spaces available Monday-Friday daytimes
  • Pubs and restaurants usually have free spaces in the day if they are not open
  • Car parks of sporting arenas usually have empty car parks when events are not happening
  • Sites by the sea or in tourist areas usually have quiet car parks throughout the winter months
  • Education sites often have availability in school holidays

Here at ParkingEye, our ANPR cameras collect data about our client’s car parks to establish exactly when the car park has available capacity and how many spaces can be rented out without affecting ongoing operation. We then manage the whole process creating a simple, quick and effective solution for both businesses and motorists.

Benefits of contract parking

  • Increased parking revenue
  • Potential for increase in business during quiet times for retail sites
  • Ability for motorists to pay for and reserve available parking spaces in advance
  • Reduction in the time it takes to find a parking space
  • Less stress for motorists who may not be able to find parking
  • Motorists can drive straight to their space rather than driving around looking for one, meaning a reduction of pollution
  • Reduced congestion on the roads


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