Safe, easy to use, revenue generating & not abused

Ideally your car park will be all of the above, and more. It can be with proper planning and expert consultation

From deciding the optimum number of spaces through to achieving ParkMark accreditation for safety and security, we can help you to plan the best car park for your needs.

We can advise at each stage, working through your needs and issues and helping you to devise the optimum car parking system design to meet your organisation’s goals. That might mean optimising your revenue generation ability or it might mean delivering customer experience improvements; or both.

Whatever your goals, and whatever issues you may need to address, work with us to make sure you reach an answer based on deep experience and expertise.

Car parking management plan – the stages we work through

Needs assessment

  • Number of spaces
  • Type of spaces
  • Accessibility and security
  • Type of car park (e.g. multi-storey, surface, underground car park, steel frame or temporary etc)

Business case

  • Revenue generation potential
  • Investor models and potential
  • Potential ownership/leasing arrangements
  • Stakeholder management and partnerships


  • Layout and traffic flow
  • Security
  • Aesthetics, landscaping and accessibility


  • Project management
  • Planning and consents

Car park management

  • Terms of use
  • Legal requirements
  • Tariff structures
  • Payment methods and payment infrastructure
  • Abuse prevention and deterrent
  • Customer service
  • Communication planning


Our car parking design support can help you get your car park right first time, saving time and money down the line.

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