Driving better patient outcomes: How car park management supports UK healthcare

Healthcare parking is often incredibly complex, not only do car parks need to juggle the different needs and changing situations of patients and their families, but these car parks also need to support thousands of healthcare professionals.

Balancing these requirements can be time-consuming, admin-intensive, and, if not supported properly, a source of complaints and unnecessary stress in what is an already stressful location.

The right support can be a huge help when it comes to improving how your healthcare site operates.

Car park management can make a huge difference to your healthcare site, transforming the solutions in place, streamlining processes, boosting revenue, and improving the user experience for your patients, visitors, and staff.

But with so many moving parts, how does each element of car park management impact healthcare?

Patient in a wheelchair being helped on a car park
Patient in a wheelchair being helped on a car park

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Paid Parking and your healthcare facilities

Paying for parking is a valuable revenue stream for healthcare sites, with the funds raised from parking being able to be reinvested back into other facilities.

The healthcare sector is massively influenced by budgets, so paid parking provides a boost to your revenue that can be used to support, maintain, and expand the services being made available to your patients.

It’s also vital that anyone using a healthcare facility, whether that’s an NHS Trust or a private clinic gets the most convenient level of service possible. Issues on a car park don’t help and add stress to what could already be a difficult time for a visitor. Flexible parking solutions, like contactless and pre-booking help to take some of the stress out of parking and make life easier for your visitors.

By letting people pay for parking on your site in the most convenient way to them, it can transform how your car park performs and streamline how a car park operates. If you want to learn more about the impact flexible parking can have on your site visit our blog here

EV charging and your green initiatives

All businesses, not just in the healthcare sector, need to be taking steps to be more environmentally conscious.

Services like EV charging don’t just provide access to an impressive new revenue stream, they also help your site encourage more sustainable forms of travel. With massive, organisation-wide environmental goals, like those in place within the NHS, installing EV charging on a site is a step in the right direction.

EV also ties into sites meeting evolving visitor and staff requirements. There is a growing number of electric vehicles on British roads, and for their adoption to continue to grow the right infrastructure needs to be in place which EV installation can support.

There are other ways car park management can help your car park and your healthcare facility to be more environmentally friendly.

Cloud-based permits can help eliminate tonnes of paper from an organisation, as can cashless, contactless, and app-based parking payments. This helps to cut down general waste, litter, and paper usage, which across a massive organisation can have a notable impact.

Car sharing encourages your staff to benefit from cheaper parking while taking cars off the road, easing congestion on your site, and increasing available space.

You can learn more about how we’re helping healthcare sites hit their sustainability goals here.


More space & protected parking


Healthcare sites need to juggle various needs, from staff and patient parking to the accessibility requirements of visitors and patients.

Many car parks utilise specific spaces to support those requirements, from dedicated parking for staff, to parking for parents or Blue Badge holders. Those spaces are often in premium locations on a car park which unfortunately can leave them open to abuse.

Bay Enforcement places an ANPR camera in a Monitoring Bollard at crucial areas across your car park, protecting the most important spaces on a site and deterring their abuse.

Taking control of priority parking spaces helps healthcare sites in several ways:


  • Protects their investment into services like EVs, increasing their revenue potential and effectiveness.


  • Makes parking for visitors and patients easier – reducing instances of lateness and missed appointments.


  • Eliminates common causes of complaints – giving internal teams more time to focus on other tasks.


  • Improves the staff and patient experience through better accessibility.

Less admin

Healthcare sites are busy, with staff across the entire sector juggling multiple tasks and duties within their role.

Car park management can help eliminate additional tasks relating to your parking, such as managing parking permits, dealing with congestion, and eliminating queues to cut down on causes of complaints.

Managing a site effectively actively gives your internal teams time back to focus on other areas, ones that directly impact the levels of care and service provided to your patients.

Boosting the efficiency of a car park also helps people get on and off a car park more easily, by not needing to circle looking for space patients can park and make it to appointments on time. This can improve efficiency elsewhere as fewer appointments are missed or delayed.



Want to enhance your patient experience?

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How can Parkingeye support your healthcare site?

Car park management encompasses multiple solutions and services, for a car park to thrive those services all need to work in tandem and be managed effectively.

That’s where Parkingeye comes in. We’ve spent 20 years perfecting the management of car parks, from large-scale complex sites like those you see in major NHS Trusts, to helping smaller sites like those for private clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Our services are monitored round the clock, and you work with dedicated, specialised Account Managers to ensure you are getting the most from your parking and the solutions in place.

To find out more about how we could help you to unlock the true potential of your parking get in touch using the form below.