How to help your customers adapt to changing services

The world around us doesn’t stand still. Things change and the way we interact with brands, businesses and services evolves all the time. The same applies when it comes to making improvements to a car park.

unauthorised users in car park
unauthorised users in car park

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Keep people informed

Any change you make needs to be communicated. Thankfully businesses have multiple ways to do this. If you’re making changes to your car park, like adding a new service or making a change to how your car park operates you need to let people know.

Signage on the car park is a good starting point but you can go further. Posters and leaflets near entrances and exits to your business, and high-traffic areas that people will frequently pass can help spread the word. Embrace technology too, social media posts are key and help you reach a wider audience more effectively and without them needing to visit your site.

If you are launching a major change to your site, like new EV chargers or an updated payment system then it could be worth doing so with more of a fanfare, guaranteeing that people know about the changes, engaging new customers and driving more people to your car park. This helps launch a new solution properly and by promoting it properly you can get it delivering on its potential much sooner.

Publish help

Letting people know that change is coming is only step one. You need to provide support to make sure that people know how to use the new solutions you’ve put in place.

Creating resources, like quick guides or even a video, and then sharing them online or as a printed leaflet can help. Putting the information people will need in as many places as possible can go a long way to helping improve the adoption of a new service and limit the amount of time spent troubleshooting problems that customers have.

It’s important to make any step-by-step instructions or guides as easy to use as possible. If you’re producing these yourself focus on as small a number of steps as possible and make them easy to follow and remember. This makes learning how to use new systems much more effective.


Train staff and have people on hand

It’s crucial that the people working at your site know how the new solutions work, especially those in roles that would put them in contact with the public, such as reception staff, or members of your customer service team.

Involve staff early on in the process of adding new solutions to your car park, and help them understand the changes, the benefits and how they work, so when it comes to transferring that information to the public they’re basically experts. It will make them a lot more confident in talking about the changes and help avoid confusion.

Having people who can explain the changes to your car park and support customers through adapting to the changes on your site works in your favour in several ways.

  • It improves your customer experience
  • Demonstrates a greater level of customer service
  • Limits complaints
  • Helps people adapt to the new system easily

Helping you make more

of your car park

Making changes to your car park isn’t something to be taken lightly, you need to take steps to make sure that those changes are rolled out smoothly to make sure you don’t create unnecessary headaches for yourself, your staff, or the people using your car park.

At Parkingeye we understand the impact your car park can have on the rest of your business and work alongside you, using our teams of dedicated Onboarders and Account Managers to ensure that the changes to your car park are launched without any issues.

To find out more about Parkingeye, and the solutions that could be used to transform your car park, take a look at our Complete Car Park Management brochure.

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