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Most queries can be answered by looking at our FAQ’s section but if not you can contact ParkingEye using the below options. Please note, we do not discuss Parking Charge Notices over the phone. All correspondence must be recorded in writing to allow a fully audited appeals process



To APPEAL a Parking Charge Notice

You can appeal a Parking Charge Notice through our Appeals Portal here. All appeals & evidence to support appeals must be made in writing to ensure a fully audited appeals process. We do not deal with appeals over the phone.

Please make your appeal via this appeals zone or via the post to ParkingEye Limited, PO Box 117, Blyth, NE24 9EJ. You must attach any evidence with your appeal & we will aim to respond within 21 days.

Enquire about Car Park Management Services

ParkingEye solutions are currently in place in over 3,500 sites across the UK.

Contact us today to request a call back from our telesales team. They can provide more information on our FREE solutions & arrange for a commercial manager to visit site & provide you with a bespoke, no-obligation solution to resolve your parking issues.

To make a media or PR enquiry

If you have a media or PR enquiry please fill in the form on this page & our PR team will be in touch shortly.

To make a police enquiry

Sometimes our ANPR cameras are in the vicinity of criminal acts. Due to Data Protection laws we are unable to provide information to the general public, however we are able to release information to the police, once the relevant forms and procedures are followed. There may be a small admin charge for this depending on the crime & level of information required.

Please note, ParkingEye does not operate any CCTV cameras. We are able to capture still ANPR images of a vehicle entering and exiting a car park only.