You’ve received a Parking Charge Notice, what happens next?

If you’ve received a Parking Charge Notice, it can come as a bit of a surprise. Nobody likes to be told they’ve got a Parking Charge, and it can be frustrating if you don’t know exactly what to do with it.

Initially, it might not seem like a big issue, maybe even something to ignore in the hope it will go away, but that isn’t the case. Whenever you receive a Parking Charge Notice, the best advice is to decide which route you want to take and then deal with it quickly. Here, we’re answering some of the most common questions about Parking Charge Notices to help you understand your options should you receive once.

Why did I receive a Parking Charge Notice?

Parking Charge Notices are issued when a motorist is believed to have broken the rules on a private car park. This could be due to several reasons, including:

  • Staying longer than the allotted time
  • Parking in the wrong area
  • Paying incorrectly (or not at all)
  • Not using the site for its intended purpose

Why is car park management needed on sites?

Parking Charge Notices are a way to help manage and combat poor parking behaviours. They help businesses and important sites such as hospitals monitor who is using their car parks and ensures they have a legitimate reason for being there.

Unauthorised users on a business car park can restrict access for paying customers, which can seriously undermine the effectiveness of that business. Or, in the case of medical sites, becoming a hindrance to services and impacting public safety. This could be a case of blocking blue light routes near a hospital which are vital to ensure emergency services can quickly get where they need to.

A Parking Charge Notice acts as a deterrent, reducing the amount of these problem behaviours that occur and lessening the risks to the public and businesses in the process. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t handed out constantly. For example, we only issue a Parking Charge Notice in 0.4% of cases, and we go through a robust checking system beforehand to be certain it’s correct.

What are my options?

When you receive a Parking Charge Notice what to do next falls into two categories.

Option 1 – Payment

The first option is to pay your Parking Charge.

It’s worth being aware that many car parks offer a reduced fee for early payment. This is why you shouldn’t put off dealing with a Parking Charge Notice, as even if you plan on just paying it, doing so sooner rather than later can mean you pay substantially less. There is a common misconception around Parking Charge Notices not being legally enforceable. This misinformation has unfortunately seen many more drivers taken to court as a result.

We’ve explained more in our blog that busts several Parking Charge Notice myths.

If you don’t believe you have grounds to appeal, paying promptly is the simplest, and cheapest, way to resolve things.

Option 2- Appeal

Your other option is to contest your Parking Charge. This is the route to take if you feel it was a mistake or unjustly issued. For example, you might have received a Parking Charge Notice, but someone else was driving your car. Appealing a Parking Charge is straightforward and we have a specialist team ready to review your case but please be aware that we will require any evidence to be submitted via our online portal for auditing purposes and are therefore unable to deal with appeals queries by phone.

To find out more, visit our blog about how to appeal.

How do I pay?

Your Parking Charge Notice letter should include instructions on how to pay. The information provided may vary from one parking management company to the next, but they will all explain the specific process you need to follow.

This process should be straightforward. At Parkingeye, we utilise a secure online payment portal to help motorists pay for a Parking Charge easily as well as track the progress of any appeals. You simply login and pay.

We also provide other means for motorists to pay. We have a dedicated payment line and can also accept payment via cheque or postal order. All of the details for these options can be found on your Parking Charge Notice.

Once you understand why you have been issued with a Parking C harge Notice, and then decide which option is right for you, it can eliminate some of the frustrations involved, helping you deal with your Parking Charge Notice much more effectively.

If you’re looking to pay your Parking Charge, you can access our online portal here.

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