Survey results: Why can’t paying for parking be simple?

Survey results: Why can’t paying for parking be simple?

Motorists surveyed by the AA in July 2017 have made their feelings clear about the current parking payment methods available to them across the UK.

Most car parks in the UK that offer an alternative to cash payments provide the option to pay for parking by phone. This is useful to those who don’t have the correct change, however it is not without its downsides for the majority of those surveyed.

The survey showed that almost three quarters of people would actually leave a car park without an alternative to phone payments, as they find the process of paying by phone difficult and time consuming.

Motorists complain to us about having to wait in queues to pay, especially in inclement weather, or, each time they park having to log in to or even re-register for their online account and remember location details when paying by phone.

The AA have shown that other frustrations include machines not taking the new pound coin that was introduced in March this year, as well as the process of paying by phone being inconvenient and difficult.

According to the AA, most drivers don’t have a preference for a particular payment method, however they do require the method to be easy above all else, which is why the most popular method is still cash.

To help the customer experience on Parkingeye managed sites, we currently offer a range of payment methods including cash, card and pay by phone and we are also now able to improve things further!

Our sister company Glyde by Capita has recently launched a revolutionary new payment solution called good2go which, after signing up just once, will mean customers can park in any of our good2go car parks and leave the clever system to calculate and automatically take the correct payment from their account after they leave!

The sign-up process takes just a few minutes, and as long as the account details stay up to date, users can simply park and go every time and need never worry about having the correct change, nor experience any waiting.

Please visit for more information and to sign up for the service.

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