Parking Solutions for Transport Locations

See how our innovative solutions have helped resolve issues for owners of car parks supporting transport sites.

Parking solutions for transport locations

From train stations to park-and-ride car parks, transport locations can often fall foul of parking misuse, and can be difficult to effectively monetise. By their very nature, many transport location car parks provide a long-stay service, which can impact throughput and profitability.

Despite this, these sites are often hugely sought after. ParkingEye can help you turn your transport site car park into profitable location which caters to your customers’ needs during busy periods, and can be used by others during off-peak times.To accomplish this, ParkingEye offer a blend of solutions, which include:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Contract parking
  • Payment machines
  • Manual ticketing

Any site that operates without the proper management leaves itself open to abuse, and transport locations are huge targets for such behaviour. Without clear signposting of rules and properly enforced restrictions, motorists can and will behave however they want. As transport links are traditionally located in convenient areas, their car parks can be popular amongst visitors who wish to use local amenities – taking spaces from genuine customers. If your car park suffers from issues of misuse and abuse, contract parking and permit management could be a suitable solution. Paired with ANPR technology, you’ll be able to ensure that only permit-holders will be able to park on site during allocated hours. And then during off-peak hours, the automated system can open up the car park to all users – increasing money-making potential.

Through the installation of intelligent ParkingEye systems, our clients experience a huge rise in compliance and positive parking behaviour.

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