Car Park Management for Retail Parks

ParkingEye have various retail park solutions

Parking management for retail sites

Watch our video to see how we helped Adam May who is a Subway Franchisee who manages several stores.

Working with ParkingEye means you would be dealing with specialists in the retail sector, with over 1,200 sites across the UK. Take a look at our Retail Spotlight – click below…

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“Benefits of having ParkingEye monitor our car parks is that we have seen a drop in non-genuine customer parking on site. We operate a strictly no parking policy on site when the store is closed, ParkingEye have helped with this and also there has been a drop in anti-social behaviour as the cameras and signs act as a deterrent.”


ParkingEye understands how important it is that the management of a retail car park improves the customer’s experience and completely minimises any potential for dissatisfaction while being slick and simple. We understand that the customer’s experience begins as soon as they enter our client’s car parks.

Many of our clients have struggled with car park abuse due to their retail parks being close to town centres, local attractions or public transport links. Having an effective, free-flow car park management system on site acts a deterrent to abuse but doesn’t deter their genuine customers.

Parking solutions for retail parks

ParkingEye has installed a variety of solutions, all tailored to suit the aims of our clients for their sites. These have included ANPR with payment machines, limited free stay or a mixture of both. Our system also has the flexibility to accommodate different rules at night, weekends or special events.

Building on the rich source of data our cameras provide we are able to offer a deeper insight into our client’s car park with our reporting facilities, including:

  • Average stay duration
  • Number of repeat visits
  • Hot-spots (through heat maps) for occupancy and capacity, by hour, by day of the week, by location etc
  • Seasonality effects
  • Comparisons with previous periods – years, days, months etc

What’s more, because we work on around 3,500 ANPR sites across a broad range of sectors, we’re able to provide all these insights with a benchmark comparator against the performance of similar organisations and peers within a given sector (all fully anonymised and aggregated).

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