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The NHS deals with a variety of issues in their car parks on a daily basis that cause problems and sour the experience of those who use the car parks as they are intended.

These issues often include:

  • Blocked emergency routes
  • Oversubscribed car parks
  • Broken equipment
  • Low income through pay and display revenue
  • Patients and staff parking in the wrong car parks
  • Patients and staff parking out of marked bays, on double yellow lines and across hatched areas

Resolving the issues

Car park management within the NHS has been a delicate subject for many years.

For the past 10 years, ParkingEye has been working with a large number of Trusts to improve the parking situations for their hospitals and medical centres. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of the car park to the reputation of The Trust and to the perception within local communities and the media. We provide solutions that are sensitive, effective and efficient to help improve the patient experience and minimise any potential for misuse.

We believe that the broad range of flexible capabilities we offer provide an enormously valuable and effective car park management service; one which is bespoke for each location, improves the patient experience and acts as both an effective deterrent and delivers a revenue stream.

In short, we believe that we can deliver a hugely positive difference and dramatic improvement to existing services.

Dedicated NHS team

As part of our commitment to the NHS we have a dedicated NHS team who work closely with our NHS clients to improve parking on an on-going basis. It is not just the client-facing teams who are NHS specific, we have a dedicated NHS appeals team who deal with the enquiries and appeals of any motorists who get Parking Charge Notices at NHS sites.

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Quotes & Case Studies


The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

The Trust has not only benefited from a fully compliant enforcement process but has also gained an excellent understanding of car park activity from the data collected using the technology which supports the monitoring of our car parks.

David Malone, Transport & Travel Advisor


Sunderland Royal Hospital

 ParkingEye Case Study

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University Hospital Llandough

 ParkingEye Case Study

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Gleadless Medical Centre

 ParkingEye Case Study



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