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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

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On a daily basis, the car parks of the NHS deal with a variety of issues that cause problems and sour the experience of those intending to use them.

These issues often include:

• Blocked emergency routes
• Over-subscribed car parks
• Broken equipment
• Low income through pay and display revenue
• Patients and staff parking in unsuitable areas

Resolving the issues

For the past 10 years, ParkingEye has been working with a number of NHS Trusts to improve the parking situations for their hospitals and medical centres. With a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of this sector’s car parks, we provide solutions that are sensitive, effective and efficient – helping to improve the patient experience and minimise any potential for misuse.

Working with NHS Trusts, we have identified that many hospital and health centre car parks were outdated, restrictive and presented a poor start to the customer journey. In each instance, we have endeavoured to make the parking process as simple as possible, whilst keeping blue light routes clear and providing the Trust with the greatest opportunity to maximise parking revenue.

At Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, we discovered they were relying on an outdated barrier system to manage the parking of 25,000 – leading to frequent break-downs and queues.

We implemented free-flow ANPR technology, leading to significant improvements. Parking revenue quickly increased by 40%, space availability improved, and complaints fell from 25% to 0.01%. The new system has helped remove strain from the Trust and allowed them to maximise their parking’s earning potential.

In short, we believe that we can deliver a positive, dramatic improvement to existing services.

Dedicated NHS team

As part of our commitment to the NHS, we have a dedicated team who work closely with our clients to improve parking on an on-going basis. Additionally, our dedicated NHS appeals team deal with the enquiries and appeals of any motorists who receive Parking Charge Notices while using NHS sites.

We provide a responsible and fair enforcement process – offering the best opportunity to eradicate parking abuse, whilst maintaining brand reputation. We understand that some car park owners may be reluctant to pursue outstanding PCNs strongly, for fear of upsetting their customers. This is particularly vital for NHS sites which need to retain their reputation in order to provide the very best service to as many people as possible.

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Quotes & Case Studies


The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

The Trust has not only benefited from a fully-compliant enforcement process, but has also gained an excellent understanding of car park activity from data collected using the technology which supports our car park monitoring

David Malone, Transport & Travel Advisor


Manchester NHS Foundation Trust Case Study



Sunderland Royal Hospital

 ParkingEye Case Study

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University Hospital Llandough

 ParkingEye Case Study

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Gleadless Medical Centre

 ParkingEye Case Study



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