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A first-class experience at your hotel begins the moment your guests enter the car park, with final impressions made as they drive out – no matter how hard your team has worked in-between. We’re working with hundreds of hotels across the UK to eradicate abuse, delight customers and generate margin rich revenue from car parks large and small across the UK, all powered by hassle-free ANPR technology. With a diverse portfolio perfectly suited to hotels, it’s no wonder we support some of the biggest names in hospitality.

 Option 1: ANPR Linked Barrier

Barriers are a more traditional means to stop people entering/ exiting your site and if already in situ, can be integrated with ANPR technology to log registration plates to automate the rise/fall alongside payment due based on duration of stay. However, they can be costly to install/maintain and somewhat unreliable, with breakdowns creating backlogs on your site and headaches for internal teams as they deal with fixes, customer complaints and sluggish throughput.

 Option 2: ANPR with Terminals

A great free-flow solution which captures vehicle data on entry without the need for barriers or any payment-on-site. Cameras simply submit data to terminals inside the hotel where guests can register to receive discounted or exempt parking. If you’re suffering from abuse by unauthorised vehicles, this is a perfect solution as this not only combines margin rich revenue from paid parking but anyone not registering will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice as a very effective deterrent.

 Option 3: ANPR with On-site Payments

This option requires minimal effort for the driver who simply pays-on-exit. No need for the traditional sticky P&D tickets either or the subsequent struggle to remove the gluey residue as ANPR integrated Kiosks don’t issue physical tickets, relying on powerful camera technology to log entry/exit times, along with what’s been paid. Modern kiosks now come with 19” touchscreens, barcode scanners for promotional codes, a range of payment options and provide change.

 Option 4: ANPR Linked Pre-Pay

The ultimate free-flow cashless solution, where guests register their details once online and simply drive in/out. Behind the scenes, ANPR technology matches vehicle plates to registered users and confirms the parking payment via SMS upon exit, which is automatically deducted for their stay. This solution is seamless in every sense delivering the ultimate customer experience and driving loyalty, without any need for on-site registration or payments.

 Option 5: ANPR Linked Pre-Book

Ideal solution if you’re looking to generate new margin-rich revenue streams for your hotel. ANPR cameras log occupancy levels and promote any unused space to motorists looking for available parking nearby which they pre-book/pre-pay. A great solution for both your local community and you – zero admin, a capital asset which is fully monetised and the potential to drive new business through your doors. You also have the option to issue overstayers with a PCN if required.

 Option 6: Pure ANPR

If you’re experiencing issues with unauthorised vehicles, that can really impact your business. From customer complaints driven by a lack of available space to loss of revenue from paid parking, the management can become pretty painful for busy internal teams. ANPR can track who’s on-site, whether they’re permitted to park and if payment has been made. Anyone found breaking your rules will receive a PCN and allow staff to get back to what they do best… delighting guests.


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