Court of Appeal Case

On 23rd April 2015 the Court of Appeal handed down Judgment in the matter between ParkingEye and Mr Barry Beavis. In the Judgment the three Judges (Lord Justice Moore-Bick, Lord Justice Patten and Sir Timothy Lloyd) unanimously dismissed Mr Beavis’s challenge, making it clear that ParkingEye’s Parking Charge was “not extravagant or unconscionable” and that the charge “was neither improper in its purpose nor manifestly excessive in amount”.

A full copy of the Court of Appeal Judgment can be found here: ParkingEye acknowledge that Mr Beavis’s appeal has now been heard by the Supreme Court.

ParkingEye’s advice to motorists remains the same. If you have a genuine appeal of the charge, appeal to ParkingEye as directed on the Parking Charge Notices sent. If not, a 40% reduction of the charge is offered for early payment.

For more detail on the first instance hearing heard by HHJ Moloney QC please refer to our previous news story “ParkingEye win Cambridge Test Case”.


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