Case Study: Motorway Service Station

Issues of security, theft and revenue protection led this Motorway Service Station to question their current car park solution, and employ the help of ParkingEye.



Extensively refurbished in 2010, this busy Motorway Service Station features a BP service station, Nisa Local, Subway, Costa Express, a car wash, as well as other eateries and a hotel. In use since the 1950s, today the service area welcomes hundreds of vehicles every single day, whether to take a break during a long drive or to stay at hotel, a popular venue for both business and leisure guests.

Recently, this Motorway Service started to face issues with security, theft and revenue protection in their car park. All of these issues were compounded by the on-site barrier system which was inhibiting use of the car park rather than providing a positive experience for visitors.

Read below to see how ParkingEye helped improve their car park.

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Overcoming the barrier to success

Prior to the partnership with ParkingEye, the Motorway Station relied on a barrier system to manage car park throughput. The management team discovered that this was leading to a poor customer experience and possibly limiting return visits. The laborious process which required visitors to get a ticket before gaining access beyond the barrier was an issue that they were keen for ParkingEye to address.

The barrier system had a huge impact on the overall business and customer experience. As well as queueing to enter the car park, visitors may be required to queue to pay for their ticket, and then queue to leave. This backlog seriously inhibited all aspects of the customer journey and experience.

Revenue protection and theft

The station relied on visitors to manually pay for their car park tickets with cash, which would then be collected by a member of the team. As with any business – the more cash handling required, the greater the risk of theft.

“One main concern was reducing the risk of theft and revenue loss,” an employee says. “We struggled to reconcile paid parking takings with amounts being actually deposited within the business and suspected much of the theft was occurring internally, with significant concerns about how collections were being managed.”

This meant that a major target for ParkingEye was to implement a system which removed the cash handling aspect, and help protect the site’s revenue.

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The ParkingEye Solution

To help this Motorway Service Station overcome these challenges, ParkingEye installed Automated Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR), eliminating the need for on-site barriers and manual ticketing altogether as the system simply logs vehicles on entry and calculates duration of stay.

The new ANPR-enabled process enables powerful back-end systems to confirm when payments have been made, and will automatically issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to any visitors who haven’t paid.

Their team explains how ParkingEye’s ANPR technology has helped the services station:

“Getting rid of the barriers allowed for smoother purchases without the need to take a ticket. We wanted to make things as easy as possible for our customers – and ParkingEye helped us to achieve this.

“There is now flexibility in place that simply wasn’t there before. Customers are still able to pay for their parking instore using the terminals there, or they can pay outside in the car park.”

ParkingEye has also provided the services with comprehensive reporting, so the Motorways Service Station are kept up-to-date with their car park’s activity – including times when it goes over-capacity and times when there are plenty of spaces. This can help the business identify ways to encourage increased business during quieter periods, and improve throughput during busy times.

The ParkingEye team are always on hand to offer their advice and support. If there is ever an issue with the on-site technology, a ParkingEye professional is available to offer their expertise and resolutions. Dedicated account managers will regularly visit the site to ensure the Motorway Services team are getting the most from the car park, and the technology which has been installed by ParkingEye.

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The Benefits of Working with ParkingEye

The Motorway Service team member adds:

“From our initial contact with our ParkingEye account manager, everything has been very smooth. Initially, we were anxious about change and bombarded ParkingEye with numerous questions, but we’ve received nothing but reassurance and guidance – incredibly, ensuring no revenue disruptions throughout the entire process.”

Whatever the issue, ParkingEye have been on hand with the help and information the Services Station team need. Ranking the service out of 10, the client comments: “It’s been better than 10. They’ve really gone above and beyond, and having a single point of contact we can rely on has made all the difference.

“ParkingEye are proactive in their approach, super-responsive, and have a wealth of experience across their expert team, ready to provide help whenever it’s needed. Honest, reliable and sympathetic – they are exceptional to do business with.”

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