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Private land parking management is challenging. Considered by many to be fair game for abuse, we help you to ensure your rules are followed on your land


ParkingEye give you the tools to manage your site

Every car park has a purpose; whether it be free parking for customers, free or permit parking for staff, limited stay, pay and display or a mixture of these. If motorists are using your car park not for its intended purpose, and it gets abused by those who won’t follow your rules, then it can impact on your business. What’s more, this is made worse by the (false) perception that there’s little you can do about it; because you’re not a local authority or public sector organisation.

Protect your private car park

Without effective signage, effective monitoring, an effective deterrent and effective enforcement, any site has the potential to be abused and more than likely will be. That is where ParkingEye comes in.

The deterrent we put in place for our clients is the issuance of Parking Charge Notices, commonly known as a parking tickets or private car park tickets, to those who break the rules of the site.

ParkingEye systems are completely customisable to meet the requirements of the landowner and help ensure it is just the people who should park on site that are doing, for the length of time allowed or paid for.

Private car park management is really very simple, you just need the tools, which ParkingEye can provide free of charge.

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