Car Park Monitoring

Do you know how your car parks are being used?

Keep on top of what’s happening with your visitors & your equipment

Real-time monitoring; delivering reliability & insight

Our equipment is designed to work round the clock and every day of the year. In order to keep it that way we ensure that we’re able to monitor remotely our cameras, our payment machines and our terminals. Our centrally monitored management and maintenance dashboards alert our teams if ever there is an issue with our equipment, enabling us to schedule a visit if necessary and to make any adjustments to processes (such as sending out PCNs for example) to avoid any knock-on effects.

Our monitoring capabilities provide you with peace of mind that faulty equipment will rarely, if ever, be an issue – unlike many of the more traditional approaches to car park management. What’s more, it ensures that we’re able properly to manage and interpret the huge volumes of data which our solutions output. Removing any anomalies, faults or other events from our reports is important if our clients are to benefit fully from the valuable insights which they can provide.

Find out more about our data analytics capabilities here.

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