Manual Ticketing

Issue Parking Charge Notices via a handheld device

Enforcing parking rules through manual ticketing

ParkingEye can provide a manual ticketing service for those sites where ANPR solutions do not suit the full range of of abuse seen on site, such as people parking in an obstructive manner or in reserved bays etc.

Our attendants represent our clients on site and are there to monitor activity of motorists and enforce the rules of the site, but also support motorists wherever possible.

Issuing Parking Charge Notices

Our attendant enforcement is carried out utilising our PARKS app which is a proprietary mobile device application created specifically to optimise our attendant activities.

Built on an Android platform in order to provide flexibility, the application has been specifically designed for use on a range of off the shelf Samsung smartphones.

The PARKS app is centrally configured and managed using our internal car park management platform, meaning that it is easily linked with our ANPR cameras or as a standalone service with our attendants.


Information about the PARKS app:

  • Patrol/observation functionality
  • Ability to issue warning notices or Parking Charge Notices
  • Integrates with camera functionality to allow fully compliant Parking Charge Notices to be issued according to the BPA guidelines
  • Integrates with Parking Charge Notice printer using Bluetooth
  • Synchronises automatically using smartphone data connection, avoiding the need to return to base for synchronisation and minimising opportunities for data loss


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