Enforcement of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs)

Ethical enforcement is an essential part of car park management

Enforcement of Parking Charge Notices (PCN)

Enforcement of parking charge notices is essential to maintaining good behaviour in your car park in the long run. Without the necessary car park enforcement, proper parking etiquette is surprisingly hard to find. All too often, people tend to simply ignore the rules of car parks, as well as subsequent Parking Charge Notices, as they know there are no real consequences. The continued cycle of flouting and abuse can spread, leaving landowners with lost revenue and other inconvenient problems as a result.

We ensure that the car parks we manage are protected by our in-house enforcement team who work to bring ignored or unpaid parking charges to a conclusion, whether through debt recovery agencies or the courts if necessary.

Enforcement of Parking Charge Notices

Legal Proceedings

ParkingEye is a strong advocate of ethical enforcement, as such we have a rigorous auditing process prior to issuing any court claim, which is quality checked with daily feedback provided to our management team. Legal action is always a last resort and it is notable that we are extremely selective in the cases that we choose, as less than 2% of Parking Charges result in court proceedings.

Outstanding Parking Charges that result in legal proceedings being pursued most commonly occur following little or no contact from the registered keeper of the vehicle in question. In those circumstances we, on behalf of our clients, are left with no option but to take further action to recover the outstanding Parking Charge amount.

Legal Enforceability

ParkingEye has industry-leading experience and expertise in the enforcement of private Parking Charges. We were the first private parking company to deliver a binding precedent in the Supreme Court case of ParkingEye v Beavis (2015) UKSC67. This case established that our Parking Charges are fair and reasonable as we have a legitimate interest in charging motorists that breach the terms and conditions for parking on our clients’ land.

It is our position that the Judgment delivered much-needed clarity to motorists, landowners and the parking industry. It is also binding upon all lower courts and the Independent Appeals Service.
If you’re struggling with issues relating to the management of your car park, then be sure to get in touch today and we’ll work to find a solution that’s right for you.

parking attendant issuing tickets

Parking Enforcement Officers

Where necessary ParkingEye can provide enforcement with a manual ticketing service to ensure proper use of car parks, aided by our on-site attendants who help deliver a variety of roles to benefit the day-to-day operation of your car parks.

From directing motorists and maintaining payment machines to supporting Blue Badge holders who have mobility issues, they’re more than happy to support the needs of the car park in question. Additionally, they also attend to the following issues:

• Customer service representation
• Enforcement patrols – Obstructive parking, parking on double yellow lines, failing to display a Blue Badge etc.
• Health & Safety/First Aid
• First aid
• Litter disposal and on-site maintenance

All attendants are well-versed in conflict management, lone working, site health and safety, and first aid, as well as being fully SIA-trained. We also work with various sites who require a combination of car park management solutions, including ANPR and manned attendants.

Manual Parking Charge Notices

Additionally, attendant enforcement is bolstered by our proprietary PARKS app; an innovative application created to optimise your car park’s activity, centrally configured and managed using our internal car park management platform. Integrated features in the PARKS app include:

• Patrol/observation functionality
• The ability to issue warning notices or Parking Charge Notices
• Integration with camera functionality to allow fully-compliant Parking Charge Notices to be issued, according to BPA guidelines
• Integration with Parking Charge Notice printer using Bluetooth
• Automatic synchronisation using a smartphone data connection, avoiding the need to return to base for synchronisation and minimising opportunities for data loss

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